Trent Saunders 

Hi Trent

Mark & I just want to thank you so, so much for our wedding albums. We are absolutely thrilled at how they came out - they are beautiful and far beyond our expectations so definitely worth the wait- thank you. We noticed that you left  a few pages at the end so that we can put the speeches in which is wonderful.

We also love the smaller albums for our parents and my parents are thrilled - we still need to give them to Mark's parents.

Thank you again - we really do appreciate all the work that you put into them.

All the best for the year ahead.

Thanks and kind regards

Hi Trent

I hope you have had a great Christmas break!

Just to formally say thank you for our album.

Thank you very much for making all the adjustments and updates to our album before printing, it is really great!

We have had many compliments from everyone that it is the best album they have seen! So thank you very much!

Thanks for putting up with all of our pettiness during his year!

All the best for the New Year!

Keep well

Peter and Heather

Hi Trent,

Thank you for your amazing work! we loved every bit of detail that you gave us. There are things that you forget because the day goes so quickly and you captured all those special moments and the things that I wish I could have looked at and enjoyed on the day such as the decor and the little details. We truly love how you have captured our happy moments when we did not even know you were shooting! You made us feel so at ease and it was a pleasure having you there on the day! We love your creativity and the how you can just ‘see’ an oppertunity for a stunning photo. You are highly recommended by us to all engaged couples we come across!

God Bless
Karlien & Mark

Hi Trent

Hope you are well.

Just to let you know we received our wedding album today and I was absolutely Blown Away by the AMAZING album is absolutely magnificent and truly a piece of artwork!

Thank you so much for capturing our special day and creating such beautiful memories for us to treasure….once again I cannot even describe how ecstatically happy i am and the pictures have completely superseded my expectations.

Take care

Chantelle & Chad

Hi Trent

Hope you been well, and I’m sure work is keeping you as busy as ever! This year began with a bang and has been hectic right through and I’m only now (9 months down the line) able to tie up wedding loose ends!

I just wanted to properly thank you for the really excellent, inspired, creative and all round superbly-beautiful work you did for us with our photos! We are really grateful you took them for us. Whenever see any of the wedding photos you took, whether on the computer, framed on the wall or showing the album to friends and family. I really appreciate the fine work you did and admire the photos all over again! So many of the people who have seen the photos are truely amazed at them and say they are the best photos they’ve ever seen (even prople who weren’t at the wedding and don’t know us that well said that!) You really have a gift and are very talented in this field!

Thank you for also perservering, on the wedding day and still shooting besides your leg that was in pain. The photos would have been a total let down if you hadn’t been there! I really appreciate that committment and dedication to us! And thank you also for having the photos ready for us in such relatively short time, despite power cuts etc… We have heard of people who have waited many months for photos and videos, and it just spoils the excitement of having them done and viewing them for the first time. So thank you, we appreciate your prompt turn around time!

All in all, a job very well done! I’ll recommend you to any of my friend needing any photos; but I don’t even need to as your work speaks for itself.

Thank you again!

All the best,

Peter and Sandy Meyer

Dear Trent

A heartfelt “Thank You!” from David and I for the beautiful wedding photos that you took for us.

We were over the moon with the album that you created – it is exquisitely done with photos that captured perfectly our special day. You are the consumate professional and cpatured pictures in such a way that we didn’t once feel like you were intruding. Your easy-going manner put everyone at ease and for someone who is not comfortable in front of the camera, I felt completely relaxed!

Everyone who has seen the pictures has remarked on how good they are and we are still oohing and aahing over them 6 months later. Thank you once again.

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for any bridal couple who want to use your services for their wedding.

Best Regards,
David and Peta

Dear Trent

Word cannot describe how stunning our wedding photographs and album are!! The photos you took are everything we wanted and much, much more! They are a true reflection of your passion as a photographer.

Thank you so very much for all the hard work and artistry you put into making our wedding album look so beautiful! You have immortalised the memories of our special day which we will treasure forever!!!

Once again, a big THANK YOU!

Kind Regards

Kim and Fanie Swanepoel

Dear Trent

I have just received the CD of our photo’s and words cannot describe my absolute joy at seeing them. You have caught the day perfectly and I have had a tear in my eye scrolling through them. Everything we wanted you have achieved and I cannot wait to show them to everybody. Our album is still in SA and we are waiting for it to be shipped over and from what I have seen of the CD I am going to be in awe of the album.

Your a brilliant photographer and really put us all at ease on the day and really blended into to the crowd. I recommend you highly to anybody shopping around. Your photo’s are so natural but creative at the same time and you worked so well with the background.

Pure genius. Thank you soooooo much..

Kindest Regards

Marc & Gemma Dorrington

Dear Trent

Thank you so much for my magical wedding photos and album. It was so amazing sharing our day again, while my new husband and I looked through our album. Your photos are so amazing, creative, dramatic, yet, so natural. I loved posing for you as you interact with us so well. All our moments were caught on camera as I do believe you were EVERYWHERE! I am so proud of my wedding photos and love showing everyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for capturing the happiest day of our lives, the next happiest day was the day I received our photos from you. You are an amazing ‘artist’ (I call you) and recommend you to everyone. Thank you.

Kerry & Paul Rutherford

Hi Trent

Just want to say thank you so much for my wonderful album and all the fantastic photos. To say I’m in awe with it will be an understatement. We absolutely love it! My dad brought it over last week hence the thank you email only now.

Hope you enjoyed making the album as much as we love paging through at the mo.


Dear Trent

Thank you so much for really capturing my wedding and putting it together so beautifully into a album. I was totally amazed at the quality of your work and my whole family is really happy with the photos. I’ll be referring you to all my friends, thank you again!

Best regards
Jillian Langerman

Dear Trent

Alain and I can not thank you enough for creating such beautiful memories of our wedding day. We had never met you until the day but you captured an essence of who we are as a couple. Our friends even commented on some of your pictures which portrayed our personalities. Your photography is outstanding and our album is a beautiful creation. Once again, a big thank you from both of us. We will definitely be recommending you to other couples!

Best regards
Alain and Judy Williams

Dear Trent,

We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with our wedding photos. Looking at our album conjures up such intense emotions, you have been able to capture the pure joy of the day. We loved your relaxed professionalism, and felt entirely comfortable while you were taking the ‘posed photos’. You were discreet in your capturing of the most intimate and special moments.

Having received the finished product, we are yet again assured that we made the right decision in choosing you as our photographer. We were delighted with the artistic quality and elegance of the photos. We would recommend you without hesitation.

Our wedding was one of the happiest days of our lives and your photos will help us look back on the occasion with much joy.

Best wishes,
Simon and Maya Stephens

Hi Trent,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – The photos are stunning! I keep on looking at the album over and over – think I have memorized every page by now! Our Family and Friends have been blown away – thank you to you and Tracy for all your hard work in capturing all the special moments and for being able to share our special day with us! I knew 10 years ago when I first saw your portfolio that one day you would be taking my Wedding Pics – it was well worth the wait!!! Our album is amazing!!!

Once again Thank You!!

Heinrich & Desiree

Morning Trent,

Oh my word!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, (x 1,000 000) The photos are sooo beautiful – you did a fantastic job. I must be honest – I’ve looked at the album over and over and over and this morning again & I’m sure I’ll be doing just that for the next couple of months!

Thank you once again!!!
Christel & Warren

Hi Trent

We received the album from my folks on Friday and we are in absolute awe. The photographs are stunning! You have captured every moment that will certainly help keep the memories alive as time passes.

Thank you for all your hard work putting together the albums, CDs, etc. We will certainly spend many hours going through the album with friends and reliving what was a most incredible day for us. Thanks too for being apart of it.

All the best
Nicola & Tim Liversage


The album is BEAUTIFUL. Kurt & I were like two small kids yesterday going through the album

All at the office (and at my Mom’s office) that have seen the album were completely blown away.

Thank you so very much – we couldn’t be happier.

P.S We would like to order some of those “thank you” cards that you gave us samples of – but I will contact you to let you know how many we will need.

Thank you once again!!

Delene & Kurt

Hi Trent

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner … I have been too busy bragging about my pictures!!

Guido’s and my families will definitely order some pics so I will contact you next week withy details etc.

I cannot tell you how much we love the album and photo’s. We had always anticipated beautiful pictures because we had researched photographers at length and we had seen your work – but I have to tell you that it has far surpassed our expectations. Both Guido and I are so so happy and I have some very jealous friends and I have a manager at work who wants to enter me into every bridal competition imaginable!!
We can’t wait for this weekend so we can show it off some more.

Thank you again for all your hard work – especially with the album. You made our day so special and we are so thrilled with everything!

Best Regards

Thank you for the most amazing wedding pictures ever. Alvin and I were thrown aback. We looked and looked at the photos until 1.00 am on the 6 March. Actually we are still looking at them… every day. Still cannot get over it…….

Our families and friends are also extremely impressed. You will be hearing from us again…
I knew right from the beginning – that we made the right choice in asking you to be our photographer – It just felt so right….

A picture paints a thousands words…. and our wedding album does just that. The layout is exceptional as well.
This is a work of a genius as there is absolutely nothing that we would change. Every picture is perfect – this is definitely a work of art.

Trent, you have given Alvin and I a priceless gift that brings tears to our eyes as newly weds. We feel blessed – thanks to you for making our memories of our wedding come to life.

As I am writing this mail – with tears in my eyes as I think of the photos of my dear, dear grand mother (who is 94 years old) – and the first thing she said to me, about the wedding was – She even took a photo……. If anything she remembered that.

I could go on and on – but I was asked to keep this short…

Thank you so much
Stay Blessed Always
Alvin & Reena Govindan
Lonehill – Johannesburg
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: natasha smith
Subject: Wedding photos

Hi Trent

I have been wanting to email you for some time and have just not been able to get around to it due to a hectic conversion course that I have to do in the UK for my pharmacy degree.

I just want to give you and Tracy a huge thank-you, from Derek and myself, for the absolutely outstanding wedding photos that you produced for us!! I can’t even count how many times I have looked through the photo album since October! When we first got it, I looked at it twice a day for about the first week! I just couldn’t put it down. Even now I still page through it at least once a week. Thank-you for giving us the best memories possible of our special day!!

It is not only Derek and I that love the photos so much, but also our friends and family that have seen it! The people that have looked at it in the UK say you should come work here! I did not receive one single negative comment, only ‘wow!’ and ‘ah!’. Every person has asked the name of the photographer.

Thank you again! We could not have asked for anything more!


From: Lee-Ann Tauber

To: Trent Saunders

Hi Trent,

The album was absolutely beautiful!!! I was really really happy when I saw the photos last Thursday, but the final product was definitely beyond my expectations. Our favourites are definitely the sepia ones of the Merc and of me at Grant’s house before the wedding.

Grant even said to me on Saturday that I was more excited to see the photos than him, ha, ha!!!

Seriously though, thank you Trent so much for your excellent work. You made Grant and I both feel very at ease on the day and we are also very appreciative of your hard work at getting the album done in such a short time.

We will not hesitate recommending your work to our friends.

All the best of luck and chat soon.


Lee-Ann & Grant

From: Craig Wallace
To: Trent Saunders


I hope this e-mail finds you well.

Kirsty and I have just received our wedding album – my in-laws handed it over officially this week. We owe you a debt of gratitude, the album is fantastic. The quality of the pictures and the way the album is put together is exceptional – we have had nothing but oohs and aahs from everybody who has seen it. You would never believe it was raining and freezing cold. We can’t believe it’s us in the photos. You have done wonders with so little. We don’t even remember you taking half the photos.

We wanted to thank you very much for a very special memorial of our day. Each photo is a gem, we will treasure them forever.

We wish you the very best in the future, we could not recommend you more highly – extremely talented and a nice guy.

Thank you very much.

Craig and Kirsty

Subject: Thank You
From: “Jenna Taylor”

We just wanted to say a very big thank you for our wedding album! It is lovely – we are really happy with it. Thank you also for getting such great photos, even though you were under pressure from others making us late and with bad weather – you were the ultimate professional!

Thanks again, Warren & Jenna



On viewing the Wedding Album, I sometimes could not recall partaking in some of the photos, which only meant one thing…Trent managed to capture Mark and I at our best, while we were dreaming…
The variety of different photo techniques and styles, as used by Trent in devising our Wedding Photo Album, was also brilliantly executed…Mark and I were captured as we are in real life…naturally!

Mark and my expectations were thus met two-fold…we had the best Wedding Day ever…perfect in every detail…and the Day’s true essence was truly captured by Trent, in our magnificent Wedding Photos!

In conclusion, Mark and I thus loved working with Trent Saunders and hope to continue to liaise with him in the near future.
A job very well done!

From: Maria Vidal

Dear Trent,

Wow, Wow, Wow…loved our photos….many, many thanks! Mark and I were blown away by our awesome Wedding photos and album format…you’re just the best!!!! Greatest of works…we’re delighted with the final outcome…can’t believe that we photographed SO well and naturally…just as we so hoped….

Hope to work with you again, in the near future….wonderful and a pleasure working with you and Tracey!

The best of luck…have an “ab fab” week…Bye!

Maria Joao.

Kind Regards,
Maria Vidal.
Member Architect.
Tel.: 031 – 201 1750.
Fax.: 031 – 201 1780.
Cel.: 082 784 6475.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: Harcourt, Leigh
To: ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Our Photo Album

Dear Trent,

Thank you so much for our album. It reads like a fairytale – as we flip through the pages, every moment of our special day comes flooding back. The exquisite pictures capture our beautiful memories so well – never to be forgotten.

Thanks for everything,
Leigh & Matthew

Leigh Harcourt
Treasury Financial Management
Standard Bank – Corporate and Investment Banking
* PO Box 61344, Marshalltown, 2107, South Africa
( Phone : +27-11-631-4823
( Fax :+27-11-636-7599

From: Futter, Penny
To: ‘Saunders, T. (Trent)’
Cc: Robert Futter (E-mail)
Subject: RE: Photos

Dear Trent,

Our special day flew by so quickly and we were ecstatic when we received the photos to see how you had really captured the true essence and emotion of the day. Not only were the photos absolutely beautiful but you were a pleasure to work with. We will be recommending you to all our friends.

Thank again,

Penny & Rob Futter

Penny Futter
Manager : Development
Wholesale Front Office Technologies
Corporate and Investment Banking
Tel: +27 11 631 5404
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject: RE: Thank you
From: “Lindsay Dirksen”

Hi Trent

We have not taken the opportunity to thank you properly for our beautiful photos. As I have said before Shaun and I were so impressed with your ability to make us feel comfortable, we both tend to shy away from the camera but you made us feel at home. Our album is completely mind blowing, we absolutely love it!! I have heard nothing but wonderful compliments from every one who has seen it. You have captured not only the moments of our wedding but the heart as well. I will not forget the wonderful time we had on our special day.

Thank you again.

Lindsay and Shaun

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To: Trent Saunders
Subject: Thank You

Hi Trent

Marvin and I wish to convey our sincere thanks to you for capturing our wedding on December 18, 2004.

Paging through our album was like reliving the fairytale… and thanks to you… that’s something we are continually able to do…

The “T” in Trent must surely stand for “terrific”, as that’s exactly our sentiment of you and our wedding photographs. You’re more than a photographer Trent Saunders, you’re a magician!!!

“Ooh’s and aah’s” were all we heard as family and friends perused through our album… maybe we’ll soon be signing autographs…hehe

Once again, thank you. Our very best wishes to you and your family for a year filled with health, joy and prosperity.

Kind regards
Marvin and Marita Fynn

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To: T. Saunders (Trent)

Dear Trent

Thank you for the most beautiful and clear wedding photographs. The album layout tells the story of our wedding almost verbatim. The loose photos also depict moments and events that one may have missed on the day. You are really a phenomenon in the photography art.

You turned us into instant models!


Nolwazi & Mohlanka

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Re: Wedding Photo’s

Hi ja Trent,

Long time no hear nor see!

Just wanted to write and say thank you once again for the amazing wedding
photo’s you did for Nick and myself, people have raved about your work over
here in the UK and wanted to know who the photographer was etc and that is
looking at the cd, never mind the real photo album. So well done and
thanks for all the hard effort you put in, really fantastic memories,
considering i was in a foul mood on the day! (partly because of the wind
and my brother not being there)!!

Keep up the good work, take care.

Many thanks and kind regards.


Dear Trent,

Thank you SO very much for all of your hard work, time and creativity that you put into the taking our beautiful wedding pics. Our album is a dream – more than we had hoped for. It has been a pleasure working with you and I will most certainly recommend you to our friends.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Kyla de Vlieg
Business Development Manager
Garden and Home magazine

Dear Trent

Thank you so much for our beautiful photo’s, Greg and I are extremely happy with them and we are very proud to show off your excellent work!

Everyone that has seen them has absolutely raved about them and they all wanted to know who the photographer was. We are so glad we asked you to do our album you displayed and presented the photo’s so beautifully. We were so lucky to have a photographer who made us feel relaxed and calm on the day.

You will always be highly recommended by us. Thank you once again for the memories you captured on the day, which we can now treasure forever.

Kind Regards

Kerry and Greg